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Hanging Cocoon For Emergency Outdoor Survival

Hanging Cocoon For Emergency Outdoor Survival

Cocoon Emergency Shelter (Images courtesy John Moriarty)By Andrew Liszewski

Even though we may enjoy the occasional camping trip to the great outdoors a good portion of mankind has little to no survival skills in the event they get lost in the woods. That’s probably why just staying in one spot if you do get lost is always the best solution. Not only does it make you easier to find but it ensures you don’t get into any more trouble.

The Cocoon by industrial designer John Moriarty is kind of like a life jacket for when you get lost. It’s easy to carry when not in use but in the event of an emergency it can be quickly unfolded and hung from a tree or even a cliff face providing you with a sheltered place to stay. Bright warm colors and fabrics on the inside help you stay warm by keeping your bodyheat in and any wind and wetness out. Just try and keep any thoughts about looking like a giant pinata for bears out of your mind.

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