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Sony Rolly Will Roll, Dance and Shimmer

Sony Rolly Will Roll, Dance and Shimmer

By Ryan Nill

Sony finally acknowledges the rumors and announces the Rolly; a wireless speaker/audio player that rolls, dances and shimmers in time to your music. It looks like a large, white egg. While vaguely iPod-like in appearance, it promises to be so much more.

The device is essentially a wireless speaker/audio player with stereo speakers, with an internal flash memory of 1GB and about 5 hours of battery life. It can also link to your computer via Bluetooth, allowing it to receive new dance patterns and songs. That’s not all: there’s tactile volume control (control the volume by turning the unit clockwise) and an alarm clock. Above all else, it also dances and grooves along with you and your music, as you can witness in the below video.

The Rolly will be available in Japan on Sept. 29 for about 350$. No clue when it will be coming to the US, but the niche market for dancing electronics is already clamoring for it.

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