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Ice Tray Freezes Tiny Fish Skeletons

Ice Tray Freezes Tiny Fish Skeletons

By Ryan Nill

Something Fishy is a silicon ice cube tray that freezes little fish skeletons. Both adorable and vaguely creepy!

Available now for about 10$ US, the broken English merely a bonus.

[ I’vegot2haveone ] VIA [ Popgadget ]

  • B

    I wonder when a company will offer custom ice cube boxes where you just send them a relief map, say of your face, and then you get see just how ugly your face is even when your almost see-though.

  • Cheswick

    too bad they probably melt in about 2 minutes due to the shape

  • john

    Cheswick says “too bad i’m a nerd that doesn’t get any P***y”