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Warner Brothers to Shoot Live Action Robotech Movie

Warner Brothers to Shoot Live Action Robotech Movie

Robotech to become a live action movie (Image via
By Shane McGlaun

I have some fond memories form my childhood of coming home after school and watching Robotech on TV. Back then I had no idea what anime was, but I had some of the toys and loved the show.

Sci Fi Channel is reporting that Warner Brothers Pictures has obtained the rights to turn Robotech into a live action movie. Toby Maguire of Spider-Man fame has signed on to produce the film through his new production company called Maguire Entertainment.

Sci Fi is also reporting that Warner Brothers intends to turn Robotech into a franchise to compete with Transformers and that Toby Maguire is possibly going to play the lead role in the film. I have to say I much preferred Robotech to Transformers when I was young, here’s hoping Warner Brothers does Robotech proud.

VIA [ Sci Fi ]