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GE ‘Find It’ Remote and Keychain Find Each Other

GE ‘Find It’ Remote and Keychain Find Each Other

GE Find It Remove And Keychain (Image courtesy SkyMall)By Andrew Liszewski

While complaining about how often you lose the TV remote or keys makes you sound like a hack stand-up comic I still can’t help but feel there’s some cosmic force working to make these items disappear so often. So the ‘Find It’ Remote from GE is yet another attempt to make relocating these lost items a bit easier.

Pushing the find button on either the keychain or the remote will cause the other unit to make a beeping noise allowing you to hunt it down. Of course since the remote and keys are the most commonly lost items there’s nothing stopping both of them from going missing at the same time. So each ‘Find It’ unit can find up to 5 other items allowing you to use (translate > buy) multiple sets. And of course since the ‘Find It’ remote is designed to replace the ones that came with your home theater equipment it’s able to control pretty much any piece of hardware on the market including TVs, DVD players, VCRs and cable boxes.

The ‘Find It’ Remote is currently available from SkyMall for $44.95.

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