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Retro Cassette Tote Bag

Retro Cassette Tote Bag

Classic Cassette Tote (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve already gone out and bought one of the Retro Cassette Wallets I wrote about a few months ago then odds are you’ll also be interested in this matching cassette themed tote bag. But unlike the wallets this bag isn’t made from the shell of an old cassette tape and instead has a printed cassette design on a flexible plastic fabric. (As far as I know there weren’t even professional tape formats that came this large.) I particularly like the added touch of the brown handles that look like unraveled cassette tape.

The Classic Cassette Tote is currently available from Perpetual Kid for a mere $14.99 and hopefully this means that a VHS cassette backpack is just around the corner.

[ Classic Cassette Tote ]


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