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HydraBrush – When Two Heads Are Better Than One

HydraBrush – When Two Heads Are Better Than One

HydraBrush Express Power Toothbrush (Images courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

A proper brushing regiment every morning is an important part of dental hygiene but when you’re rushing out the door late for work you probably don’t always brush as long as you should. The HydraBrush (like the mythical multi-headed Greek Hydra) tackles this problem by using two brush heads that are positioned so that they clean both sides of your teeth at the same time.

The heads and bristles also vibrate making the brushing process even more effective and efficient. In fact it’s claimed the HydraBrush can properly clean your teeth and gums in 40 seconds or less! That’s quite a bit of time savings over the dentist recommended 2 minutes. For someone like me that equates to an extra 1 minute and 20 seconds of sleep every morning which I’m sure would make all the difference.

The HydraBrush Express Power Toothbrush is available from Amazon for $99.95.

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