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Fly Pod – A Classy Indoor Bug Catcher

Fly Pod – A Classy Indoor Bug Catcher

Fly Pod (Image courtesy Lakeland) By Andrew Liszewski

During the summer with the windows open and people going in and out of the house it’s inevitable that a fly or two will manage to sneak into your home. And let’s face it fly swatters tend to leave a nasty mess behind and bug zappers aren’t exactly something you want running inside your house. So the Fly Pod uses a discreet and almost stylish design to rid your home of flying insect intruders.

The soft glow not only attracts any flies that happen to be passing by but it will also function as a handy night light. As for the fly once they enter the Fly Pod to check things out they’ll get stuck to a glue board ensuring they won’t be going home to see their kids at the end of the day. The glue boards can be replaced as needed and when they’re removed they automatically fold up meaning you don’t have to see or come into contact with the fly cemetery you’ve created.

The Fly Pod is currently available from Lakeland for just over $100. Personally I’d put that money towards an air conditioner so you don’t actually have to open the windows or leave the house during the summer months.

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