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Yöghund; Frozen Yogurt For Dogs

Yöghund; Frozen Yogurt For Dogs

home_img.jpg By Ryan Nill

Yöghund is organic frozen yogurt for dogs. Yes, for your dogs. Yöghund is completely organic, and made from a mixture of organic yogurt, banana, peanuts and spring water. Most importantly is that dogs seem to love it, attacking it with ferocious lickings.

Yöghund is available online and at selected retailers. For $5.99 you can net four servings/cups.

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  • jeff

    As weird as this sounds, we already have a product in the US like this.
    Frosty Paws is a frozen ice cream treat for dogs. At first, I thought it was silly. Then I bought some.
    This stuff is like crack for my dog. He absolutely loves it. I recommend it to every dog owner I know.

  • Hotbox

    Better yet, make your own.
    32 oz. plain yogurt
    1 mashed banana
    2 T p’nut butter
    2 T honey
    Blend it, then freeze in treat size portions

  • Any idea where I can buy something like this?

  • Any idea where I can buy something like this?