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Windowherbs Pots Designed For The Urban Gardener

Windowherbs Pots Designed For The Urban Gardener

Windowherbs (Images courtesy ZO)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless we’re talking about something environmental or a bizarrely colored piece of electronics you don’t usually see a lot of green here on OhGizmo. So for a change of pace here’s something for those with a green thumb, or those who’ve always wanted one. Anyone who cooks on a regular basis will tell you that fresh herbs are always the way to go but growing them in a garden or even a window box is problematic when you live 20 stories up in an apartment with no balcony.

So designer Tineke Beunders from ZO has come up with an easy way for anyone to grow their own herbs as long as they have access to a window and sunlight. (Sorry cave dwellers.) Windowherbs come with everything you need to get started including dirt, seeds and all that organic stuff packed into a unique plastic pot. You’ll notice that one side of the pot is flat and actually has a suction cup attached allowing it to be easily stuck to any window where there’s enough light to allow the herbs to grow. It also means you don’t have to worry about your plants being exposed to the elements or even falling to their doom.

Unfortunately while many of the ZO products do appear to be available for sale in Europe I can’t seem to find a place that sells the Windowherbs.

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