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SportsCast Wireless NFL & MLB Scoreboards

SportsCast Wireless NFL & MLB Scoreboards (Images courtesy Brookstone)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you fancy yourself a pretty dedicated sports fan but at the same time don’t have access to radio, TV, the internet or even a telephone to keep up on what’s happening with your favorite teams don’t worry, there’s still another way. The SportsCast Scoreboards come in either NFL or MLB versions and wirelessly download updated scores, schedules and standings via a satellite signal without the need for a monthly subscription.

Unfortunately those free updates actually only arrive every 15 minutes so if you were hoping for a real-time, play-by-play break down of the game you might want to spend a few dollars on a radio instead. (NHL & NBA fans will also need to look elsewhere it seems.) But if you eat, live and breath sports having one of these in every room of your house will ensure you’re always on top of what’s happening. (Give or take 15 minutes that is.)

The SportsCast MLB & NFL Wireless Scoreboards are both available from Brookstone for $99 each.

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