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Pac Man Rug Perfect for 30 Year Old Kids

Pac Man Rug Perfect for 30 Year Old Kids

Pac Man Carpet (Image courtesy Our Childrens Gorilla)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s kind of weird to think that a video game I played over 20 years ago would not only be used as a design inspiration for a rug, but that rug would actually be something I’d consider buying for my home. This hand-woven Pac Man themed carpet (as the website refers to it) was made in Portugal from 100% wool and is actually one of only two in existence.

And even though it’s apparently such a rare item it’s actually available for sale from Our Childrens Gorilla for about $1,800 which is not that bad given it could almost be considered a piece of art. And it makes me wonder if in another 20 years I’d find a BioShock themed rug just as appealing. (Probably not.)

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