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Crayola Total Tools Audio Ruler

Crayola Total Tools Audio Ruler

Crayola Total Tools Audio Ruler (Image courtesy bookofjoe)By Andrew Liszewski

When I read the name ‘Audio Ruler’ I thought this was another lame attempt to cram MP3 playback functionality into a device that really had no need for it. But it turns out Crayola has created something that’s actually kind of neat. You just slide the device along whatever it is you need to measure and it will announce the distance in quarter inch measurements up to a foot.

And while you’re sliding the Audio Ruler along it actually leaves a trail of disappearing ink so you can make sure the measurement was made exactly where you wanted it. Now while the one foot limitation makes it pretty much useless for carpenter types there’s no doubt it will go over quite well with the younger set. Particularly if the talking function drives their teachers crazy.

The Crayola Total Tools Audio Ruler is available on their website for only $7.99.

[ Crayola Audio Ruler ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]