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Revenge of the 70’s: Mood Ring Furniture

Revenge of the 70’s: Mood Ring Furniture

By Ryan Nill

Erin Hayne and Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira have created a new line of thermochromatic furniture that features stools, benches and chairs which all change color based on body heat. Called “The Swamp Collection”, by Visual Reference Studio, it is really nothing more than a giant mood ring couch whose shape is inspired by the flora and fauna of the Mississippi cypress swamp where the studio is located. Besides the potentially awkward body color imprints that these chairs could retain, the design seems new and refreshing; an older concept changed into something (vaguely) striking. They seem to be available with a 4 to 6 week lead time, but price is not known.


[ visual reference studio ] VIA [ Moco Loco ]


9 responses to “Revenge of the 70’s: Mood Ring Furniture”

  1. Alex says:

    I can’t wait to see some rude pictures with this…

  2. B says:

    That looks pretty cool, they should use teh fabric on better furniture though.

  3. d says:

    the girl has a nice ass. couldnt tell with the dress on. I should order one of those so i dont get “surprises” with my dates.

  4. Zola says:

    Nice designer furniture with a unique functionality. I am actually waiting for it to hit the market with an affordable price.

  5. ninin says:

    yay couchtoe

  6. gunther says:

    What is that guy doing anyway, sniffing the chair…

  7. gunther says:

    What is that guy doing anyway, sniffing the chair…

  8. BedTimeStory says:

    I am a keen admirer of ancient/medieval French royal furniture. That is absolutely astonishing and if I had the necessary funds, I would design an entire room in my house. French style… Santa, hope you heard my wish:))
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