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OhGizmo Voice Post: My Beef With The New YouTube Ads

By David Ponce

Yeah, I might have a problem with the new ads on YouTube.

Yeah. Me. A problem with ads. Ironic, I know. Still, hear me out.


5 responses to “OhGizmo Voice Post: My Beef With The New YouTube Ads”

  1. Oleg says:

    I won’t call you selfish. Just tell you to use another video site. So far it has been granted to you absolutely free. A lot of your revenue has been generated due to being able to embed said videos.If you don’t like their approach, go somewhere else. There are plenty of free alternatives.
    I don’t see why the data that they stream and pay for and even let you embed in any way gives you a vote on whether ads are included.
    If you on the other hand hosted the videos and had the data transfer cost, then you would have everything to say.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Oleg says:

    Oh yeah… and one more thing. Wait with the beef until you actually meet the problem.

  3. Jul33 says:

    Why are you so touched by this matter??
    Maybe your carrots are healthier than beef’s steaks??

  4. Everyone is complaining about YouTube ads but no one is talking about how they could make them better.

    I was really disappointed when YouTube didn’t play to their strengths with online video. For instance, they could offer more control on the publishers end of picking where ads should be inserted. Google’s main strength is connecting people with content, so why not offer a pay per click model for related videos like it does for related links on the web. Finally, YouTube could offer more features like higher video quality and downloads to premium publishers that pay an annual fee, similiar to a Pro account from Flickr.

    You can read more on these ideas at my blog ->

  5. kapitonich says:

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