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USB Powered CD Destroyer: Lamest Way To Destroy A CD

USB Powered CD Destroyer: Lamest Way To Destroy A CD

USB CD Destroyer

By Evan Ackerman

If you have a spare USB port, lots of CDs to destroy, and no creativity, you might be willing to pay $29 for this USB powered CD destroyer. In only 5 seconds, it’ll scratch a pattern onto a CD or DVD, rendering it unreadable. And it comes with a leather case. If you’re looking for more creative ways to protect the data on your CDs from being read, here are some suggestions, extracted from a Roxio newsletter:

-Microwave for 5 seconds
-Wrap in towel, smash with hammer
-Send anywhere via USPS
-Give to a 2 year old

And, my favorite: put an AOL sticker on it.

[ Brando USB CD Destroyer ] VIA [ Red Ferret ]


3 responses to “USB Powered CD Destroyer: Lamest Way To Destroy A CD”

  1. Brian says:

    Just use scissors and cut your CDs or DVDs or Blu Rays or HD, etc. They don’t shatter or make a mess when cut up with scissors.

  2. USB Dany says:

    There are even better ways to destroy Data on CD´s for security reasons. The Microwave isn´t safe, especialy when you toast more than 15 CD´s. How about a strong Mixer. Just put the CD´s in – and scrample them to silver dust. The simplest way is to crack them.

  3. Ryo says:

    This crap is so dumb. The underside of a cd is just clear plastic and can be repaired enough to read the disk —– if anything they should turn the cd label-side down, so that the FOIL, which is what the data is stored on, is actually destroyed instead of just obstructed by plain clear plastic. for that matter, you can just put a strip of duct-tape on the top of a cd then rip it off and the foil will come right off with it.