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CullinaryPrep Removes Impurities, Also Marinades Wonderfully

CullinaryPrep Removes Impurities, Also Marinades Wonderfully


By Ryan Nill

The CullinaryPrep is “proven” (they neglect to say how…) to remove 95% of food borne bacteria and germs. That includes E. coli, listeria, salmonella and several other dangerous impurities. It works by adding an “all-natural” neutralizer along with vacuum marinading (a chef secret) and tumbling your meat with various spices and marinades. It promises to clean up your food and improve both taste and texture.

Now for the bad part. Said meat cleaner costs $400. Is that a price you are willing to pay for clean meat? I’ll stick to Salmonella poisoning, thank you very much.

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  • Snelleeddy

    This is so stupid, the all-natural neutralizer will probably be ozone. Since when is just putting your food in the fridge an washing your vegetables no longer good enough. A bit of a natural resistance hasn’t hurt anybody yet. And improve texture? Pardon me but since when do bacteria (which aren’t even on food in great amount in the fridge) alter it’s texture? A moldy tomato indeed has an altered texture but hey that cuzz it’s rotten…
    I hope nobody buys this. Just cook your freaking meat and was the rest pff

  • Brian

    This can also be sued to destroy CDs.

  • Brian

    used, not sued