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Color Changing Smart Lid System Tell You When Drink Is Too Hot

lidmagic.jpg By Ryan Nill

Color Changing Smart Lid System is a lid. For your coffee. Or other hot beverage. It apparently changes color from a dangerous shade of red to a more normal looking brown color as the coffee cools. One of the more important features of this product is the fact that it can also be used as a sealing indicator; it shows whether or not the lid is securely attached properly to the cup. I have, on occasion, grabbed a cup and had it explode over both myself and the barista.

Business 2.0’s latest magazine contains a list of “the 29 best business ideas in the world.” Apparently the Color Changing Smart Lid System has made the cut. While it isn’t in production now, the company that makes it, Smart Lid Systems, which is working in tandem with Thermo International to have them ready for public use by the end of the year.

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  • Ahnyer Keester

    OOh. I dike dat. Den I on’t durn my dung nex dime!