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Forbidden LEGO – The Book You Wish You Had Access To As A Kid

Forbidden LEGO – The Book You Wish You Had Access To As A Kid

Forbidden LEGO (Images courtesy No Starch Press)
By Andrew Liszewski

As much as I loved my army of G.I. Joe figures and armada of Transformers as a kid I still spent most of my time playing with good old LEGOs. And like any kid tired of engineering my own miniature town I occasionally built a LEGO gun or rifle but unfortunately they never actually worked. (Well in hindsight maybe that should read ‘fortunately’ they never worked.) But now that LEGO has had a few years to evolve, particularly with the addition of the Technic and Mindstorm series the simple building blocks are capable of much more.

So a couple of master builders who spent many years designing advanced LEGO sets have put together a book called Forbidden LEGO that features a collection of projects the LEGO company could never actually sell. As fun as a “High Velocity Automatic Plate Dispenser” sounds I just can’t imagine ever stumbling across a set like that at the toy store.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories already has their copy and have posted a review of the book on their website. Needless to say if you still have access to a mountain of LEGOs and roommates you like to harass the book is a must have. In fact I’ve included a video of one of the completed projects after the jump that’s sure to put a smile on any LEGO fan’s face.

Forbidden LEGO is currently available from No Starch Press for only $24.95.

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