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Super Soakers Now With Real Knockdown Power

Super Soakers Now With Real Knockdown Power

Super Soaker

By Evan Ackerman

If you have kids, this is virtually guaranteed to be at the top of their birthday wish list: Special Materials (a Russian, uh, defense technology company) has developed a hand-held water cannon capable of delivering a 100 joule “bullet” of water to close range targets. You can do the math on what 100 joules equates to in terms of fists to the jaw, but Special Materials says that “such a jet will provide a damage effect at 5m [17 feet] distance.” The end product will be a portable, self-contained unit that weighs about 5 pounds and runs off of electricity and water, making it all too easy to reload. The appeal to law enforcement is that it’s actually much safer than a beanbag round while providing a similar effect. And of course, it’s much more fun to play with when it’s hot outside.

VIA [ Danger Room ]