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Self Cleaning Katazukue Table

Self Cleaning Katazukue Table

Katazukue Table (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

For all intents and purposes the Katazukue or Tidy Table is a very effective self-cleaning table that uses two powerful conveyor belts moving in opposite directions to clean things up. The downside though is that while the table ends up spic and span the surrounding floor becomes somewhat of a garbage pile. Unless of course you’ve installed enough conveyor belts in your home that will eventually push all that trash into the neighbor’s lawn, at which point it’s no longer your problem.

And as with any unique concept design/art piece there’s some reasoning behind the way the Tidy Table works.

I was interested in the way that we use the same furniture and spaces for different tasks over the course of the day – for example the same table could serve for eating breakfast at, becoming a working desk space during the day and a centre for entertaining friends around during the evening. I was interested in how the table itself could have a role in facilitating this (albeit in a somewhat absurd way). So Katazukue on one level supports our modern lifestyle by clearing itself for different activities during the day, whilst also controlling our activity – it forces us to change what we are doing according to it’s whim.

I’ve also included a video of the Katazukue table in action after the jump because it actually dates back a couple of years and that’s the only way you can now see it working.

[ Katazukue – The Tidy Table ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]