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Conceptual Digital Yoga Mat Seems Counterporductive

Conceptual Digital Yoga Mat Seems Counterporductive

By Ryan Nill

This wonderful concept product here, by Hui-Zong Chen, is a yoga mat with speakers and streaming video. The idea behind this blasphemous combination of technologies is so that people (upper-middle class white women) can attend yoga classes from anywhere utilizing the streaming video that plays right on the mat. These people can even video-conference with friends, in some sort of networked calorie-burning exercise craze! But there’s a paradoxical aspect to this concept in that it also means that it would enable them to exercise less by saving themselves the effort of actually going outside to do their exercises.

Also of note is that the technology behind something like this already exists. It’s only a matter of putting it all together. I see no reason why anyone would want to do it; but it is possible.

VIA [ yankodesign ]