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Anti-Slouching Posture Alarm

Anti-Slouching Posture Alarm

Sitting Pose Corrector and Reminder Alarm (Image courtesy DealExtreme) By Andrew Liszewski

Well here’s another gadget from Japan that doesn’t come with much explanation but for the most part is easy to figure out. The device is worn around your neck and is designed to discourage slouching or poor posture when sitting at a computer or really any time you’re not embarrassed to be wearing it.

I can only assume a built in gyro or something related to that bulge of plastic on the neck strap detects when you’re leaning too far forward and when that happens an alarm will sound alerting you to sit or stand up straight. Presumably the alarm sound is something like a bird chirp otherwise I have no idea where the bird-design comes from. It also appears to have a basic LCD display showing the time and allowing you to setup other alarms as needed.

And at only $8.43 from DealExtreme it’s far cheaper than those ergonomic office chairs all those supposed ‘doctors’ keep recommending.

[ Sitting Pose Corrector and Reminder Alarm ] VIA [ technabob ]


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