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Stashkit Folding Bicycle Helmet

Stashkit Folding Bicycle Helmet

Stashkit (Image courtesy TreeHugger)
By Andrew Liszewski

By now we all know the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a bike whether you’re on a trail or a busy street. And while current helmet designs are very effective at reducing head injuries they can also be a pain when you’ve reached your destination and have to then carry it around.

So the Stashkit is a bike helmet that can actually be folded up when not in use taking up about 40% less volume than a conventional helmet would. When collapsed the helmet also has a ‘unique’ crescent shape that is easy to stash inside a bag, backpack or even a briefcase but that ‘feature’ seems more like marketing spin to me. Still, I’d much rather carry this helmet around if I had the choice. Of course the Stashkit exceeds the safety requirements as outlined in Europe but for some reason it currently can’t be sold in the US.

So if you live across the pond from us the Stashkit helmet can be found at Chain Reaction Cycles for about $90.

[ Stashkit ] VIA [ TreeHugger ]