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Watts In The Tiny MicroVee Sub? 1200

Watts In The Tiny MicroVee Sub? 1200

By Evan Ackerman

VeloDyne MicroVee

I’m not sure exactly how, but this tiny (about 8 inches on a side) aluminum subwoofer cube is capable of pumping out a staggering 1200 watts (600 RMS) of earth-shaking bass. Inside the MicroVee is a built-in amplifier and three 6.5 inch drivers. I have a bit of trouble understanding how such a small sub can move enough air to make all of those watts worth hearing, but it’s got some kind of software distortion control that should help. It’s got speaker level inputs, weighs about 20 pounds, and is available in black or white for £575 in November.

[ Velodyne ] VIA [ What HiFi ]