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Vestal Grenade Watch Will Get You Mocked

Vestal Grenade Watch Will Get You Mocked

Vestal Grenade Watch (Image Via Vestal) by Shane McGlaun

Vestal has an odd looking new watch called the Grenade, which unsurprisingly looks like a hand grenade. While the Vestal site doesn’t specify how the grenade cover opens to reveal the watch face, it seems that pushing the grenade handle does the trick from the photos.

The band is made from leather and canvas while the watch face is made from stainless steel as is the buckle. The crystal is solid mineral and the movement has three hands.

In addition to the green version, you can get the Grenade in black as well. The watch is water resistant to 3ATM so it should survive sweat, swimming and hand washing. You can get the either color of the Grenade for $158. Don’t be surprised if your friends make fun of you for wearing this one or if wearing it to the airport results in a cavity search.

VIA [ Vestal ]


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