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Mapisimo Allows You to Own Any Piece of Land on Earth

Mapisimo Allows You to Own Any Piece of Land on Earth

Shane's OhGizmo! Dream Home (Image Via Mapisimo)
by Shane McGlaun

If you have ever wished you owned property in the really desirable parts of the country like say Malibu, California or Hawaii here is your chance. A website called Mapisimo launched today for public beta and has parceled the Earth into over 510 billion square units each roughly the size of four tennis courts called dunams.

Each Mapisimo user can register to become a citizen and own any piece of land on earth on a first come basis. The system uses the Google Maps API and each new user is entitled to own two of the four tennis court sized sections. More ownership rights are granted to those who refer friends.

Users can post any text messages they want on their land and place hyperlinks on them as well. The founder of Mapisimo, Andy Worms, said, “We will never restart the game, what is yours stays yours.” Worms also said that there are 22 dunams for every human on Earth. I already claimed my beach front dream home, hope none of those guys from Gizmodo move in and ruin the neighborhood.

VIA [ Mapisimo ]