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Leap Frog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer

Leap Frog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer

Leap Frog Fly Fusion Pentop Computer
by Shane McGlaun

With kids all across the country feeling the pinch as time to return to school draws near, parents are ready to start getting the high tech goodies kids need to make learning more fun.

Leap Frog is better known to me as the maker of toys for toddlers that teach sounds and letters. However, Leap Frog has a device called the FLY Fusion Pentop computer that is aimed at kids in middle school and high school.

The digital pen has been updated with four times the memory of the original FLY fusion, better PC connectivity (no Mac compatibility), MP3 player and an expandable Spanish translator. I can’t see many schools allowing the FLY Fusion to be used in class. It seems like it could be used for cheating, plus the instructions say don’t drop the pen frequently making me think it’s not very durable. The FLY Fusion is available now for $79.99 the pen also has a number of available software titles to expand its abilities.

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  • John

    1. Plays MP3 : I have a _lot_ of MP3s. Can I hook a USB drive on to it?
    2. Downloads to P.C. : Is this an open format or a propriatary data format?
    3. Is there any way the “Geeks” can program additions for the product?
    Without an open upgrade path, the Fusion will eventually end up on the huge pile
    of other inflexible, tightly controlled (and limited) gee-wiz products .
    I guess what bothers me the most is the tiny memory.
    Dear Designers, please try again.

  • kendra

    No you cannot attach any external or expansion devices such as a USB Drive.

    The Software is infact propriatary. There is no indication of a SDK.

  • jewell

    haveing trouble use thing i would like someone to talk to so they can walk me through this 951 301 9442 thank you