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H20 Audio Announces Waterproof iPod Shuffle Case

H2Oaudio iS2 iPod case (Image via H2O Audio)
by Shane McGlaun

H20 Audio has announced a new iPod Shuffle case that is waterproof allowing you to take your tunes to the beach, lake or pool without fear of ruining your player. The new case is rated for unlimited submersions at up to ten feet deep.

That isn’t much of a depth with many private and commercial pools going to twelve feet deep or more so don’t take your Shuffle diving in the iS2. The iS2 uses a patented control pad that allows access to all the Shuffles controls while the player is in the case and even allows access while underwater.

If you want the full package the iS2 is designed to work with the H20 Audio Underwater headphones, which aren’t included. However, you can use the case with any standard headphones; just don’t expect them to work for long once you get them wet.

VIA [ H2O Audio ]

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  • Lisa

    Well this case worked ok … what no one tells you is that you have to use this grease to keep it waterproof . It is kinda messy and well they only give you a small amount and I swim daily. So the goop and I did not get along so this case turned into being a waste of money . I am sending this case back.

    I ended up with a with a waterproof case and headphones for just about $5 more from a company called drypak. Its a little bigger which is not the greatest news but I can stick it in the back of my suit which works out ok. Its more waterproof .. no grease and works fine. found the case at

  • Rick D

    Better yet, get a waterproof iPod that doesn't need a case! It's called the Swimman waterproof iPod Shuffle. I got tired of leaky bulkey cases and got a Swimman about a year ago. It's great. The tiny shuffle clips to my suit and the headset is fantastic. Very comfortable and sounds great. All other stuff is really second rate.

  • purplesuit

    Thanks for the heads up. Almost bought this one.

  • purplesuit

    Thanks for the heads up. Almost bought this one.

  • purplesuit

    Thanks for the heads up. Almost bought this one.