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Hack Lets You Play Xbox360 With Wii Remote

Hack Lets You Play Xbox360 With Wii Remote


By David Ponce

You gotta love them hackers. Always frankensteining crap together to make the impossible seem like a walk in the park. In this case, a modder has managed to control an Xbox 360 through a Nintendo Wiimote (last time, it was a PC) . And not just some jerky omg-I-did-it-but-just-barely kind of controlling, but with anti-acceleration and smoothing algorithms included to make the hack playable. And how does this work? Well, here’s the gist:

  • The Xbox 360 is connected to the XFPS PS2 to 360 adapter
  • … which is connected to a big black box Microcontroller “with custom firmware emulating a PS2 controller”
  • … which is connected to a Samsung Q1 PC with custom Wii remote firmware
  • … which is connected via Bluetooth to the Wii remote itself.

If all this technical explanation still doesn’t convince you, just watch the awesome video below.

Video: Playing Halo 2 (Xbox 360) with a Wiimote

[ More Details ] VIA [ Xataka ]


2 responses to “Hack Lets You Play Xbox360 With Wii Remote”

  1. Alex says:

    This is one of those moments when you can just sit back and say: cool.

  2. B says:

    Nothing compared to a mouse