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Pro-Aqua Vacuum Scores One For Allergy Sufferers

Pro-Aqua Vacuum Scores One For Allergy Sufferers

Pro Aqua Vacuum (Image courtesy Pro-Aqua International)By Andrew Liszewski

To a lot of people the summer means long walks, trips to the park and other activities that take advantage of the nice weather. For people like me though it means itchy eyes, runny noses and boxes of allergy medication stacked in the cupboard. And unfortunately hiding inside isn’t always a safe refuge for allergy sufferers either, unless of course you decide to fight back against the dust, animal fur or other particles with something like the Pro-Aqua Vacuum.

It basically uses a special water filter system that does a better job at actually capturing dust and other small particles since they’re less likely to fly away when wet. The vacuum comes with the usual set of attachments for cleaning floors, carpets, upholstery and mattresses and even has optional attachments for deep-cleaning stains or squeegeeing smooth surfaces. The water reservoir holds about 3 liters which is supposedly enough to properly clean an entire house unless of course your roommate happens to be that Pigpen character from Charlie Brown. In that case you’ll want to be changing the water every 10 minutes.

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