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Font Clock For Graphic Designer Types

Font Clock For Graphic Designer Types

Font Clock (Image courtesy thorsten van elten)
By Andrew Liszewski

Two things that graphic designers have to deal with on a daily basis are fonts and deadlines. So this Font Clock designed by Sebastien Wrong seems like the perfect combination. It’s supposedly a 21st century take on the iconic British 24 hour clock and it uses twelve different fonts (hopefully Comic Sans isn’t one of them) that end up creating a random, mixed display of the time and date depending on which clock you own.

The Font Clocks are all available from thorsten van elten with the small version selling for about $400, the middle sized one for about $1,115 and the largest one for about $1,640.

[ Font Clock ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]


One response to “Font Clock For Graphic Designer Types”

  1. Thats cool. So creative. I liked it. Thanks for sharing.