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Art Lebedev’s Matryoshkus Experiment With Design

Art Lebedev’s Matryoshkus Experiment With Design


By Ryan Nill

The Art Lebedev Studio (of Optimus Keyboard fame) once again shows us its unique take on design with this set of Babushka dolls. Called Matryoshkus, these linden-wood Russian nesting dolls remind us of the relationship between all the little bits that make up our digital age: byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte figures all nestle into one another, with the indivisible bit in the middle. Sure, they don’t actually do anything at all. But they look pretty cool. And unlike their fabled keyboard, we actually believe these could become available as promised: September 1, 2007 for about 34$.

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[ Art Lebedev ] VIA [ engadget ]


    So cool, I had to publish it too. Thanks OhGizmo!

  • Steve

    Where can I buy one of these!


  • James

    Very awesome dolls!
    Pity theres nothing about the Peta byte?

  • Anonymous

    Those are plain not pretty, and no where close to scale. DUMB

  • Coastal Eddie

    The change in volume of each doll is not proportional to the change in volume in the volume they represent. That is, they are not to scale. But then again the dolls would be unreasonably large if the next bigger one was 1024x larger than the previous one.

  • Anonymous

    Retarded. they should be growing 1000 times each step

  • TronicAtrophy

    With no faces, they’re just phallic. They could’ve dressed it up a bit.

  • subcorpus

    if they grew 1000 times … we’d never be able to fit it anywhere …
    let alone put in on our desks …
    hehe …

  • Anon

    Interesting concept, too bad they look like Apple made them.

  • Anonymous

    This is lame beacuse only 1 bit fits in a byte.

  • Anonymous

    This is a lame, wanna be geek thing….. total crap

  • ya


  • Chris Meisenzahl

    No nybble?! 😉

  • jsim

    they may increase size in the logarithmic scale 🙂

  • MACniac

    Wher can I buy thos fantastic matryoshkus?

  • phatman96

    That is so awesome… I found a similar one at this site

  • phatman96

    That is so awesome… I found a similar one at this site