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One Mattress To Rule Them All

One Mattress To Rule Them All


By Ryan Nill

Pity the fool who didn’t think that making mattresses was complicated; what I have gathered from the homepage of this site has already left me spinning. The Hästens Vividus is the culmination of 150 years of mattress making expertise, being called the ultimate personal sleeping experience. It is made from only the finest of materials by the most talented of craftsmen. While the Vividus is apparently the best mattress that you can ever hope to sleep on, it costs $60,000. So while it may in fact be the best mattress ever, the chances of someone like me sleeping on it are practically nil.

The Vividus is made of “the perfect balance of horsehair, cotton, linen and wool.” These exquisite materials are starting to worry me slightly; especially the horsehair part. It has swallowtail edges with hand worked dimpling; it’s a work of art!

Another part of me (the part I try to drown out with hard liquor) is wondering if there is some sort of perverse mile high club for these things; a club who whose clientèle have all done the deed on excruciatingly expensive mattresses… and I wonder if lowly I will be able to join this club.

The Vividus is available only from select stores Sweden, Denmark, France, USA, China, the Netherlands, Italy, Iceland and Norway. For 60,000$. Yeah, like a nice car.

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