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USB-Powered Mr.Tengu Will Judge You Based On Musical Tastes

snipshot_e4iubuek5rt.jpg By Ryan Nill

Solid Alliance, a Japanese company, has unleashed their newest brainchild; the Tengu. Named after mythical bird-men who are easily angered and steal away small children, the USB powered Tengu does absolutely nothing. Yes, nothing. Well, nothing useful at least.

Once plugged into your computer, the Tengu displays an LED face that changes expressions by reacting to sound. Play some jazz, an the face looks at you quizzically, Rock music gets you angry faces, and classical makes it scold you about how you could do so much better than her and should have majored in something besides art.

No, not really! The Solid Alliance Tengu will be available in Japan at the end of August for 4480¥, or about 38$ US.

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