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OhGizmo Voice Post: ThinkGeek Winner, Rupert Murdoch, Morgan Webb And Other Stuff

By David Ponce

Allright, time for the weekly voice post. Last time, I offered a $25 ThinkGeek certificate to whoever listened carefully enough. We got us a winner, and he’ll be announced in this week’s voice post. Other than that, people, you get squat.

Well, not quite. You just don’t get any swag. But that’s no reason not to listen. See, I also talk about a few things, which I’ll highlight below with some links.

– Rupert Murdoch in the news. Again.

– Google. Cell phone. Playing me-too game. Fun stuff.

Morgan Webb. She’s alive. Of course she is. But she’s an FM author now.

Oh, and please forgive the dial note at the very end. I’m a moron. I can’t find the # sign on a keypad.