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Navilock Bluetooth Mouse with GPS Tracker

Navilock Bluetooth Mouse with GPS Tracker

Navilock Bluetooth GPS Mouse
by Shane McGlaun

A German company called Navilock has a unique wireless mouse in Europe. The mouse is called the Navilock BT-451 and acts as a wireless Bluetooth mouse with the added benefit of having an internal GPS receiver as well.

This seems like a pretty unlikely combo to me to have a GPS receiver inside a mouse, but I guess it makes some sense in that if you are traveling with a notebook or UMPC you will probably need a mouse anyway.

Inside the Navilock BT-451 is a u-blox SuperSense GPS chip that is designed to give outdoor functionality as well as accurate positional tracking indoors as well. The BT-451 is available across Europe at retail outlets currently for 79 Euro or about $108.

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