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The Earbuds of the Gods

The Earbuds of the Gods

snipshot_e4be2rbig1a.jpgBy Ryan Nill

Ultimate ears, known for exceedingly good headphones and exceedingly opulent prices, has completed their magnum opus. The UE-11 Pro has four individual speakers in each ear; a dual driver subwoofer, a dedicated midrange and separate tweeter all harmoniously melded by a three-way crossover. They boast a frequency response of 10Hz to 16,500 Hz, -26dB of noise isolation, and input sensitivity of 119dB at 1mW. Running 1150$, you would probably have to be a god to afford these.

iLounge also adds:

“That it will offer the user’s choice of custom colors and artwork for the UE-11 Pro—typically costing up to $200 above the price of its standard custom earphones—at no additional charge for the first 60 days of the product’s launch, ending September 30, 2007.”

[ ultimateears ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]