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Mainnav MW-705 Watch Has GPS – Lacks Subtlety

Mainnav MW-705 Watch Has GPS – Lacks Subtlety

Mainnav MW-705 GPS Watch (Image courtesy Mainnav)By Andrew Liszewski

What the Mainnav MW-705 lacks in good looks it makes up for with functionality. The biggest feature of course is that the watch has full GPS capabilities so not only will it tell you where you are but it can also remember where you’ve been, and help you get where you’re going.

But if the miniscule screen is a bit too cramped for your liking the MW-705 is also bluetooth equipped allowing it to pair with a smartphone, PDA or even a laptop and function as a separate GPS receiver for those devices.

And if you’ve decided the watch is the perfect tool to help you finally get in shape it also includes a heart rate monitor. Just place your finger on the IR sensor located on the bottom of the watch and after a few seconds it will display your current heart rate letting you know if you’re ready to tackle the next hill or if you should use the GPS functionality to find the nearest hospital.

Unfortunately I have no idea on pricing or if it will ever be available in the US.

[ Mainnav MW-705 GPS Watch ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]