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Trackball Swing Golf Game – Golden Tee In The Palm Of Your Hand

Trackball Swing Golf Game (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer) By Andrew Liszewski

All you Golden Tee addicts can get your fill of the game at the local pub and even at home but what about all those other waking hours? Instead of getting a job or even pursuing other activities that might help mankind you can now waste away those hours too with this handheld version of the Golden Tee arcade game.

Of course it’s not an officially licensed Golden Tee game but is instead labeled as the ‘Eagle Tee’ which is close enough for me. More importantly is that it still includes that white trackball for precision swing control that you just can’t get with a couple of buttons. The large LCD display provides a split-screen view of your golfer and the current hole and the game includes “realistic” sound effects and even voice commentary. The best part is the inclusion of a dedicated Mulligan button, a feature I came to rely on while playing the classic Links 386 game. If 150 Mulligans is considered cheating then I’m the greatest cheater the PGA has ever known.

The Trackball Swing Golf Game is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $29.95.

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