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Credit Card “Survival” Tool Can’t Even Be Used To Order Pizza

Credit Card Survival Tool (Image courtesy Cool Tool)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m skeptical at how long someone could actually survive if all they had access to was this Credit Card Survival Tool. Sure it provides you with essential ‘survival’ tools like a bottle opener, a butterfly screw wrench and even a ruler (only 3 more inches until I reach the ranger station!) but something tells me if you were stranded on a desert island this wouldn’t be item #1 on your wish list.

But if you don’t like the awkward looks from your co-workers whenever you whip out the old Swiss Army Knife just to open a FedEx box this could be a more subtle alternative.

It’s currently available from FISHBOY for only $4.95 and if you got it engraved it could make for an expensive but impressive business card.

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