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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Weird Jukebox for your iPod or iPhone

Advance Sound devices Retro Tune Mini Jukebox (Image via Advance Audio Devices)By Shane McGlaun

If you are the old school type that likes to have new gadgets and need a way to mix old and new, Advance Sound Devices has a strange product that might do just that. The device is called the Retro Tune Mini Jukebox and is basically just what the name describes.

You get a mini jukebox with all the style of the 50’s down to the rotating light column coupled with a dock for your iPod or iPhone. The dock allows you to charge and play your iPhone or iPod while viewing the screen.

Other features of the jukebox include an alarm clock that can wake you to music from your iPod or iPhone and a single disk CD player. The device also includes a remote that allows you to control your iPod or iPhone from across the room.

VIA [ Advance Sound Devices ]

Klipsch Speakers Cost $15,000 and Don’t Even Include Topless Models

Klipsch Palladium P-39F Floorstander Speakers (Image via Klipsch)By Shane McGlaun

I am the first to admit that I don’t get audiophiles. The sort of guy willing to drop thousands on a CD player when you can get one that works perfectly for $50 is just beyond my understanding.

Klipsch on the other hand knows the audiophile market and knows how to pry the hard earned cash from wealthy audiophiles. Their latest addition to their high-end speaker line up is sure to have audiophile with large bank accounts lining up to buy.

The new Klipsch Palladium Floorstander speakers carry a price tag of $15,000 per pair. Klipsch used specially engineered drivers for the P-39F Palladium speakers that use a 3.5-way Tapered Array design along with a horn-loaded tweeter assembly and three high-output woofers. Really though, are these things worth $15,000? Maybe if they came with installation by topless Victoria Secret models that also cleaned my house and cooked me a steak they would be worth it. Nah, they still wouldn’t be worth 15k even then.

VIA [ Klipsch ]

Yöghund; Frozen Yogurt For Dogs

home_img.jpgBy Ryan Nill

Yöghund is organic frozen yogurt for dogs. Yes, for your dogs. Yöghund is completely organic, and made from a mixture of organic yogurt, banana, peanuts and spring water. Most importantly is that dogs seem to love it, attacking it with ferocious lickings.

Yöghund is available online and at selected retailers. For $5.99 you can net four servings/cups.

[ Yoghund ] VIA [ Cool Hunting ]

Personal Aura Detector Phone Charm

By Ryan Nill

The Aura Ball Flashing Phone Strap Aura Dama uses (possibly phony) technology to capture and display your personal aura. Made by Solid Alliance, the same people who brought us Mr. Tengu and the Pop-up Pirate USB Hub, the Aura Dama will be sure to join the ranks of the world’s most useless technology; that is in addition to utilizing something that may or may not exist. Simply press the button while focusing on the attached “Power Stone” (available in Crystal, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz) and the Aura Dama will cycle through colors, eventually settling on the one that matches your personal aura closest.

The website says

“There is a special censor [sic] inside of Aura Dama. It catches the subtle energy human body emits and converts it into electrical energy. Human body emits invisible energy from several chakra points. The censor can catch the energy and convert it into energy frequency. The censor allots the matching color to the energy frequency it detected.”

So, why not? It also says “Available immediately – in a week; let’s pre-order today!” Evidently, Strapya-World is taking pre-orders now, for 23.33$. Who could possibly resist knowing their personal aura for a mere 23.33$?

[ Redferret ] VIA [ Strapya-World ]

Estes Astrovision Digital Video Rocket

Estes Astrovision (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)By Andrew Liszewski

As a kid I was really into building and launching model rockets and I can remember always being tempted by a particular Estes model that included a camera for taking high-altitude photos. Unfortunately the camera used actual film and the thought of having to wait for the prints to be developed was usually enough to make me lose interest. (It doesn’t take much.)

So I’m glad to see that not only has Estes moved onto using digital cameras but they’re also selling a rocket that can record video too. The camera mounted in the nosecone of the Astrovision can record a 12 second clip with a resolution of 640×480 from as high as 500 feet using a recommended C-sized engine. Of course it can also be used to snap photos in flight (though for some reason it’s limited to three per launch) and after a safe recovery the videos or stills can be downloaded to any PC via a USB connection.

The Estes Astrovision will be available in September from Hammacher Schlemmer for $59.95 and it includes a launch pad and controller since these aren’t the type of things you want to be setting off with matches.

[ Estes Astrovision ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

Cuckoo Clock Is A Little Too Crazy

Cuckoo Clock

By Evan Ackerman

From the Artist Taking Things Too Literally department comes this cuckoo clock, which consists of a real (dead) cuckoo crucified to a wall with a digital clock hung around its neck on a chain, by Michael Sans. Okay, statement made. This piece of art (or whatever) isn’t for sale, and if you’re thinking that this would make some sort of darkly interesting DIY project, I would like to draw your attention to the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, which protects birds like the cuckoo. Under the act, killing (or even possessing a piece of) a migratory bird can get you six months in jail and a $15,000 fine (this particular cuckoo died from natural causes in 1958).

[ Designer’s Website ] VIA [ productdose ]

First Pics Of New Zune Line-Up

By Ilya Kochanov

Looks like the boys in Redmond are still pushing forward with their less than stellar media player by cooking up a new design and bumping the capacity to 80GB. The long rumored flash Zune also makes an appearance touting 4 and 8GB capacities. Aside from that awkward looking squarish button in the middle these don’t look half bad.

This is sure to put all 12 Zune fans at ease.

[ First Zune 2 and Zune Flash Shots ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Clothing

NuMetrex Men's Cardio Shirt (Image courtesy NuMetrex)By Andrew Liszewski

If you find those heart rate monitoring chest straps to be less than comfortable when exercising you’re not alone. Claudia Shultze felt the same way but she decided to use her skills as a chemical engineer and her work with textile electronics to produce a line of clothing that not only keeps track of your heart rate but is also comfortable to wear.

The NuMetrex clothing uses special sensors that are actually knit into the fabric allowing them to remain in contact with the body at all times even during extreme physical activity. The heart rate data from these sensors is relayed to a small transmitter that’s carried in a pocket which in turn wirelessly transmits the info to a special watch that allows the wearer to see their heart rate in real time. It’s a pretty good idea whether you’re an athlete training for a real marathon or a non-athlete like me training for a ‘Star Trek’ marathon on TV.

The Men’s Cardio Shirt pictured above is available directly from the NuMetrex online store for $58.95 by itself. But you’ll also need the transmitter and watch for it be actually useful which adds another $130 to the price tag.

[ NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitor Clothing ] VIA [ Popular Science ]

Windowherbs Pots Designed For The Urban Gardener

Windowherbs (Images courtesy ZO)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unless we’re talking about something environmental or a bizarrely colored piece of electronics you don’t usually see a lot of green here on OhGizmo. So for a change of pace here’s something for those with a green thumb, or those who’ve always wanted one. Anyone who cooks on a regular basis will tell you that fresh herbs are always the way to go but growing them in a garden or even a window box is problematic when you live 20 stories up in an apartment with no balcony.

So designer Tineke Beunders from ZO has come up with an easy way for anyone to grow their own herbs as long as they have access to a window and sunlight. (Sorry cave dwellers.) Windowherbs come with everything you need to get started including dirt, seeds and all that organic stuff packed into a unique plastic pot. You’ll notice that one side of the pot is flat and actually has a suction cup attached allowing it to be easily stuck to any window where there’s enough light to allow the herbs to grow. It also means you don’t have to worry about your plants being exposed to the elements or even falling to their doom.

Unfortunately while many of the ZO products do appear to be available for sale in Europe I can’t seem to find a place that sells the Windowherbs.

[ Windowherbs ] VIA [ The Green Head ]