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Monthly Archives: July 2007

PIX Visual Pendant Annoys Others With Visuals

visual_led_flash.gifBy Ryan Nill

PIX Visual Pendant uses 117 LEDs to constantly annoy bystanders with flashing image chains. It can display animations, images, texts, emotions and more. Using the included PIX editor software you can design and edit different graphics that you want your PIX to showcase. Then, you can share your painstakingly crafted PIX image macros with other users via email and MMS. PIX also has a social aspect, hosting a site where you can meet and trade IDs; apparently, when two PIX get close to each other (as fools wearing large, LED based badges are wont to do) they play synchronized images. It’s like myspace meets public forum meets tamagotchi. PIX retails for £39.00.

Hit the Korean site for a bit more info. Here: XenoFreaks.

[ kjglobal ] VIA [ uberGizmo ]

OhGizmo Giveaway: Listen Carefully And Win $25 At Thinkgeek

It’s not that I think I have a great voice or anything. Far from it. But I’m actually digging subjecting y’all to my melodious intonations; to make sure you get in on the fun, I’m going to prod you with a little giveaway. The below voice post contains a secret word. Email that word to “ogcontests at gmail DOT com” and get one chance to win a $25 gift certificate to ThinkGeek, everyone’s favorite geek store.

Aside from that, what can you expect to hear? A quick blurb on Steorn, the free energy nuts. And a sad tidbit on Richard Branson’s tragic incident in the desert a few hours ago.

PhotoVu Launches Uber Expensive 19″ Wireless Digital Picture Frame

PhotoVu PV1965w 19in digital picture frame (image via PhotoVu)By Shane McGlaun

PhotoVu announced today one of the most expensive digital picture frames ever, the PV1965w. This frame carries a massive MSRP of $1199, and while it is pretty cool, I don’t think is $1200 cool.

What you get for that much cash is a 1440 x 900 screen resolution, 16m/24-bit color on a high resolution LCD TFT display. The screen uses a 16:10 aspect ratio and measures in a 19” diagonal and 16” wide x 10” high.

The cool feature of this frame is built-in 802.11b wireless connectivity and WEP 64/128 bit security. You can even upgrade the wireless connection to 802.11g with WPA if you want. The wireless connection allows you to stream photos directly to the frame from Internet services like Picasa Web Albums, flickr, iPhoto Photocasts and more. There is also a USB port that allows you to connect USB drives directly to view pictures and the frame supports an optional USB removable hard drive.

[ Press Release (registration required) ] VIA [ PhotoVu ]

Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go Subwoofer/Boombox

Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go 6 (Image courtesy Blaupunkt)By Andrew Liszewski

I have no idea how to pronounce the name Blaupunkt (blow-punked? blop-unk’d? chicken-necks?) but thankfully the company takes a more traditional approach when it comes to naming their hardware. When hooked up to your car the Velocity 2Go serves as a powerful 160W subwoofer and is a convenient way to add a bit of kick to a stock sound system.

But the Velocity 2Go can also be easily removed from the vehicle and serve as a standalone stereo speaker when connected to an audio source like an MP3 player. There’s a cradle on top that I can only assume will accommodate various iPods but it also includes a 3.5mm cable for those who refuse to conform. And while the speaker is limited to 60W when running on 8AA rechargeable batteries it probably still sounds far better than most of the other portable speakers available on the market.

The Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go 6 will set you back about $620 while the slightly smaller Velocity 2Go 5 model is about $515.

[ Blaupunkt Velocity 2Go 6 ] VIA [ Popular Science ]

ATOMdesign Hammer Innovates, Perhaps Frightens

snipshot_e4149b5pvfsm.jpgby Ryan Nill

Lose the baseball bat folks, because your new backseat equalizer is gonna have to be the S2 Hammer by ATOMdesign.

ATOMdesign has reinvented the wheel by reinventing the hammer. Fortunately, S2 Hammer looks pretty awesome and can drive a nail in two hits. It is designed to split and reduce the shock to your hands and arms. Plus, it looks really cool. It stays true to old form with its carpenter’s favorite hickory handle and grooved head, along with a head-notch to hold nails. Apparently, a redistribution of the weight along with a more ergonomic form make the S2 Hammer a joy to use. Originally designed for Vaughn & Bushne, ATOMdesign’s S2 also won Best of Category award in International Design Magazine Product Design Competition, as well as Bronze Award in the International Design Excellence Awards, hosted by BusinessWeek.

Besides, wouldn’t it feel great to chin someone with this thing?! Talk about your personal Excalibur…

[ ATOMdesign ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

furminator FPP – First Person Pinball

Furminator (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though the furminator dates back to 2004 it’s still an interesting concept. What you’re looking at is essentially a pinball machine that’s mounted so the player’s eyes sit right behind the flippers, giving them a first person view of the table. The player’s head also sits inside a force feedback helmet and that combined with the lights, sound effects and vibrations from the table help to create an immersive environment. And since the view of the table is a bit limited from behind the flippers the inside of the furminator also has 5 cameras and 3 small LCD screens allowing the player to see parts of the table that are obstructed.

According to the designers the goal of the furminator was to create an immersive gaming experience that didn’t rely on computer graphics which are usually very artificial and do not effectively stimulate all of the player’s senses. By putting you at the level of the table and allowing your whole body to actually tilt and move the pinball game the player becomes more involved than they would be standing over a traditional pinball machine.

Oh and the furminator name is a combination of the design group responsible for its creation (fur) and the fact that it’s based on an old Terminator 2 pinball machine.

[ furminator ] VIA [ Kotaku ]

Make Your Head Look Like Pac-Man

snipshot_e4wqkkjpcw5.jpgBy Ryan Nill

[Not sure what’s with the team’s obsession with Pac-Man lately. But heck, why not. -Ed.]

Plush-tastic PAC-MAN hat looks awesome and does very little else. It really just makes your head look like PAC-MAN. That’s it.

And I, for the first time in my life, am rendered speechless.

Available for 29.99$, imported from Japan and it says “NOT available to ship to addresses in Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”

Why on earth…?

[ clubNAMCO ] VIA [Boingboing ]

Cellphone Design Roundup

By Evan Ackerman

Yeah, I have a cellphone. I use it in public to look like I’m busy and important, and in private for the occasional phone call. Not much else. It would take, I dunno, three mildly interesting cellphone designs appearing all at once for me to actually get off my ass and write a cellphone post… And guess what happened today:

Sky IM-U200 Released in Korea


You’ve gotta give some credit to Sky for producing a more or less original cellphone design; it looks like wedge shaped flip phone but instead rotates open, sorta like the Helio Kickflip, but with a much more graceful end result. The phone itself doesn’t seem to offer any stunning features, and you have to wonder how comfortable it actually is to hold against your head. Plus, the space in the middle when the phone is closed is effectively wasted.

Two more after the jump.

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Craftsman Lift N Secure Jack System

Craftsman Lift N Secure Jack System (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

If you don’t trust your local garage to properly repair your car you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools before starting a project like that yourself. This Lift N Secure jack system from Craftsman for example is a far safer solution to elevating your car than say a cinder block and wood plank would be.

Like with a standard jack you roll it under the car, position it carefully and then pump the handle to lift the vehicle until you have enough clearance to get underneath. But instead of then using a separate brace to keep the vehicle up, the ‘handle section’ of the Lift N Secure can be separated from the ‘lifting section’ which then remains underneath the car. The jack includes 2 of these ‘lifting sections’ allowing you to evenly elevate the car and making the job a whole lot easier.

The Lift N Secure is available on the Sears website for $279.99.

[ Craftsman Lift N Secure Jack System ] VIA [ Popular Science ]