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Uniqlock Interpretive Dance Clock Sucks Bandwidth; Hilarious Fun.


By Ryan Nill

[ I’m hiding this one after the jump, less I spend the entire day responding to hate mail over auto-playing music. -Ed. ]

You might want to turn your sound down (or even off) for this one, folks. [Don’t bother unless you read the full article. -Ed.] The uniqlock Interpretive dance clock tells time online via 5 second bursts of highly confusing dance. Also comes included an exceedingly catchy tune. It is both free and highly entertaining. Performance art never looked like so much fun. You can also insert it into your site.

Hit the jump to see what we’re talking about.

[ Uniqlo ] VIA [ redferret ]

  • Slokunshialgo

    For some reason, I’ve left this going over my music playing in Winamp…