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Pro Sports Schedule Watch – It’s Game Time!

Pro Sports Schedule Watch – It’s Game Time!

Pro Sports Schedule Watch (Image courtesy Wireless Catalog)By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve got a sports fanatic in your family or circle of friends you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to worry about what to get them for their birthday this year. The Pro Sports Schedule Watch can be ordered for any team in either the NFL or MLB and comes pre-programmed with the team’s schedule for the entire season. To ensure the person wearing the watch never misses the first pitch or kickoff the watch plays either The Star Spangled Banner or Take Me Out To The Ball Game at the start of each game.

The watch will also display the complete results for every SuperBowl game or World Series match dating all the way back to 1903, just in case you happen to find yourself in an argument defending your own team’s reputation. Thankfully as a Lion’s fan I don’t need any help in remembering how many SuperBowls they’ve won. An included USB cable will also allow you to upload new schedules for your team every year.

The Pro Sports Schedule Watches are available from The Wireless Catalog for $129.95.

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