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We All Knew This Day Would Come – RIP

We All Knew This Day Would Come – RIP

RIP (Image courtesy Tombstone Generator)
By Andrew Liszewski

While that goody two shoes Joost always chose to play by the rules its cousin was a wild child that preferred to throw caution to the wind. And it’s for that reason we all fell in love with the site. (Well that and the hundreds of free streaming movies and TV shows.) Over the past few months has occasionally gone down causing a bit of panic for those who’ve come to enjoy its services but the site always re-appeared a few days later. This time though it looks like’s time has finally come. The following comment was posted to my original story:

We had to officially shut down the site due to repeated warnings about theft and copy-right violations. Truth to be told, the managers, myself included, don’t really give a crap about any copy-right violations, but after someone threatened to sue, I felt I didn’t have a choice.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but you can visit if the urge to stream high quality videos persists.

I’m thinking of starting a site myself, and the Anonymous post above has a point; stage6 do give out their links freely, and embedding isn’t actually against the law. So screw those people who are jealous of our success and worry about us violating their rights to the wallets of people like you.

Here’s to the memory of Joox. We had a good run.

It was a good run indeed. You will be sorely missed.

Update: So it looks like those 3 hours of Journalism classes I slept through really paid off. appears to be back up and my report of its death were premature.

[ (sniff) ]