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iTeddy Will Destroy Teddy Ruxpin

iTeddy Will Destroy Teddy Ruxpin

iTeddy (Image courtesy Argos)By Andrew Liszewski

I think iTeddy and Teddy Ruxpin should have a battle royale. It would be kind of like Terminator 2 where the old-fashioned Schwarzenegger T-800 model (Ruxpin) would be fighting the high-tech Robert Patrick T-1000 model (iTeddy). But since Teddy Ruxpin isn’t the star of the movie I’m pretty sure iTeddy would destroy him with his superior features.

You see instead of a cassette player mounted in his chest iTeddy has a personal media player with 512 MB of built-in memory that’s also expandable VIA an SD card slot. The media player can be used to listen to MP3s, watch videos and view photos and can even be removed from iTeddy’s chest once the child feels they’ve outgrown the whole teddy bear thing. There’s even a companion website where you can download content and parents can record messages and stories for their kids to listen to. But I have to ask, they couldn’t have come up with a more original name than iTeddy? That’s just lazy iMarketing if you ask me.

iTeddy should be available come August 6th from for about $120.

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