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Megatouch Gametime Brings The Pub Experience Home

Megatouch Gametime Brings The Pub Experience Home

Megatouch Gametime (Images courtesy Frontgate)
By Andrew Liszewski

These bartop arcade machines are usually relegated to pubs and greasy cafes where the selection of entertainment is limited at best. But apparently they’ve become popular enough to warrant a home version too and I’m sure kids will gladly put down their Wiimotes or 360 controllers to fight over who gets to play the Megatouch Gametime first.

In fact the system comes with 100 built-in games and who wouldn’t walk away from Grand Theft Auto for a chance to play titles like Strategy or Quiz & Word? On the plus side though the home version of the Megatouch Gametime offers similar network functionality as the pub versions and even allows you to surf the web and send emails as long as you have an existing broadband connection.

But what’s sure to guarantee the Megatouch Gametime’s runaway success is the $3,795 price tag at You read that right, this thing costs more than the Nintendo Wii, XBox 360 and PS3 put together.

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  • Michael

    Yeah you could buy an Xbox 360, Wii, and Playstation3 all at the same time but would you get 100 games too? Xbox 360(Premium pack) and 100 games $5,349…..Wii and 100 games $5249….Playstation3 and 100 games $5599

  • mark

    Seems awful expensive for a windows 2000 machine with a touch screen. If I could get that mega touch software I could build a unit much cheaper unless they charge $3000 for the software.