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Geeky 14 inch Motherboard Wall Clock is Way Cool

Geeky 14 inch Motherboard Wall Clock is Way Cool

14 inch Motherboard Wall Clock (image courtesy of Motherboard Gifts & More)
by Shane McGlaun

I am a serious PC hardware geek, if you like your PC hardware too you will love this clock from Motherboard Gifts & More. The clock measures in at 14 inches and is available in several colors.

You can choose from green, blue, and red faces for the clock and white or black backgrounds. The face of the clock is an actual cut out from a motherboard of a computer. On close inspection you can see all the leads in the board that conducted electricity to computer components before the board became a clock.

Perhaps the only draw back to the clock is that there are no numbers. I know for some, like my wife, it completely ruins the time telling experience when a clock lacks numbers. I really like the ones with the black background, it makes the bright colored motherboard cut outs look like they glow. Pricing for the clock is $59.99.

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