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Reactor Trident Watch With Never Dark Illumination

Reactor Trident Watch With Never Dark Illumination

Reactor Trident Watch (Images courtesy Reactor)
By Andrew Liszewski

The new Trident model from watchmaker Reactor is ideal for night owls who are always wondering just how late it is. The watch incorporates the company’s ‘Never Dark’ technology which combines a special phosphorescent paint that glows for several hours after exposure to light along with small tritium filled tubes that glow for at least 7 years.

Never Dark™ is the first technology to combine the intense brightness of Superluminova with the multi-year longevity of tritium, providing optimal illumination under all lighting conditions. Because it can take up to 30 minutes for the human eye to fully adjust to the dark, Superluminova’s intense peak brightness makes a Never Dark™ watch easily visible during that initial period. This can be even more important when moving repeatedly from light to dark (such as when going below deck on a boat during the day), as the Superluminova will continually recharge and the eye will not have time to adjust. In situations where the watch will remain in the dark for many hours, the tritium will remain visible for years, even if the watch is never returned to the light.

The Trident watches are available in either a solid titanium or marine-grade stainless steel finish and are waterproof to a depth of 200 meters. Depending on the finish you choose the watches retail for a reasonable $300-$450. And even though tritium is a radioactive material the company claims the watches are completely safe since the decay of weak beta particles is completely contained within the sealed glass tubes and the particles themselves are not even strong enough to penetrate human skin.

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